Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~ Andrew Landry

~ Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~

~ Andrew "Drew" Landry ~

Drew is he hero (well one of them) in My Own Nightmare. Not only is he one of Dani Lynn's best friends, he's also her man that stole her heart. He was there when no one else could be, he is one of the men in her life that taught her it's okay to be sad and hurt, but you still have to fight. Never give up.

Drew has grown up alongside Dani Lynn (so to speak) as his siblings have. He was a Football player in High School but it just wasn't enough of a passion to make a career out of it. (Gasps) IKR? A Texan not obsessed with football.... in reality a lot of us aren't. LOL

Being a Sheriff's deputy allows him to protect and serve. After Dani Lynn has been taken we see the gruffer, more hard ass side of Drew. He is a man on a mission. Come hell or high water he is going to do all he can to find out where his woman is and rescue her.

Everything he's taught her over the years, the strength and knowledge that she can fight free of anything is all he has to hold onto until he can find her.

He is truly pushed to the edge of a cliff and can only hope when it's time to fly he still has a reason to. Without Dani Lynn, he'd be lost in the sky.

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