Thursday, January 12, 2017

Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~ Derek Morris

~ Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~

~ Derek Morris ~

Confession time... Derek's named for the character "Derek Morgan" on Criminal Minds. He always seems to think and react with a level head and objectively and I needed a character to take on that roll in My Own Nightmare, so he was born (so to speak). Plus, I love the name Derek. In the spirit of not wanting to just "copy" it, I changed it a bit.

So, now, Derek. Derek is the teenage male version of my favorite tv hackers. Garcia (from Criminal Minds) and then Abbie & McGee (from NCIS) cause... our resident nerd has so much going for him. He's like, the hacker of hackers.

Derek becomes a part of the "rescue" efforts in the book. He's brought in for his ability to hack into systems and do things no one else can. Drew is under a lot of pressure and strain to find Dani Lynn, and with Derek by his side he might have a better chance at it.

Derek is 16, going on genius. He had a large roll to plan in "My Own Nightmare".

But in the beginning he was supposed to be a minor character, mentioned a few times and then gone.... and then something happened, not sure what, and he became an intricate part of the story. He's a well rounded and needed character.

He grew on me. His character (as he grows) becomes and has a big part in the series as a whole. He's one of my favorites. (He's one of my bff's favorites, too.)

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