Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~ Gabriel Cartwright

~ Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~

~ Gabriel "Gabe" Cartwright ~

Gabe is a many of many skills and mindsets. He's the father to Dani Lynn, the Burke County Sheriff and a man of mystery at times. The retired Army Ranger is put to the test when his wife dies when Dani Lynn is a young child. His soulmate is taken, his heart wants to stop beating. He makes himself a promise, as he does to his daughter to always be there for her. To always keep her safe.

Things in town start going south. A murder, a carjacking and then.... his daughter is taken. He promised to protect her.... and now, she's gone.

It's a fight against a clock to find her, and to keep his men, aka, his deputies in line. (Especially Drew.)

With all the waves he's taking he never gives up. He knows he'll find his kid. He's determined and willing to break any law - of face - he has to to make that happen.

A little good cop, bad cop never hurt anyone, right?

In the end all that matters is that the bad guy is caught, his daughter is safe and they can all  move on.... eventually.

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