Monday, January 2, 2017

Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~ Dani Lynn Cartwrigth

~ Meet the Characters of My Own Nightmare ~

~ Dani Lynn Cartwright ~

Dani Lynn is the victim/heroine in “My Own Nightmare”. She is a normal small town girl who decided to carry on with a dream she had. She went from being an Elementary School teacher to an author. One who had some success…. Success that put her into the public eye. This is something new for her, as she is not one for gobs of attention. She loves her books, her quiet time and of course nights with the man she loves.

Dani Lynn is by far one of my favorite characters. I know, I know, I shouldn’t play favorites - it’s like picking between children - but this has been a long road for us both.

Dani Lynn is many things… she is smart, adventurous - in her own ways - loving and fierce. She would give the shirt off of her back to anyone that needed it… but come at her wrong, mean her or hers harm, and boy howdy she will do all she can to take you down.

That is something you will see in “My Own Nightmare”. When all else seems hopeless, when she thinks all is lost, hope flares. Her will to keep herself in control bleeds through and the ballsier side emerges. She is a fighter, a survivor and girlfriend is all kinds of snarky. (I’m not sure where she gets that from… LOL)

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